So did Microsoft approach Google?

So did Microsoft approach Google?

From Dan Gillmor:

“On October 31, the New York Times reported that Microsoft had discussed a buyout with Google: “According to company executives and others briefed on the discussions, Microsoft – desperate to capture a slice of the popular and ad-generating search business – approached Google within the last two months to discuss options, including the possibility of a takeover.”

Today, USA Today quotes Bill Gates as saying it never happened: “We’ve never been in any talks with Google about any acquisition thing in any way, shape or form,” Gates told USA TODAY last week.

Someone is lying.

Could it be Gates? His occasional unfamiliarity with truth is well-known. But if he was lying this time, he was doing so about something material to his company’s future, and securities laws frown on such stuff from senior corporate officers. So I’m guessing he’s telling the truth.”

Hmmm… curiouser and curiouser…