Quote of the day

From a CNN report on Microsoft’s latest results…

Microsoft, which in addition to Xbox 360, recently released its new SQL Server 2005 database software, is expected to see a pickup in growth thanks to these new products as well as the upcoming release of Microsoft’s long-awaited new operating system, known as Vista, and the latest version of Office: Office 12.

“I’m excited about the second half of the year,” said Michael Cohen, director of research with Pacific American Securities. “That’s when we’ll likely see Vista and Office 12, some of the most significant releases in the company’s history. I think that will lead to a PC upgrade cycle in the second half of the year.”

Translation: if you want to run the next version of Windows, you will also need to buy a new PC! Verily, Moore’s Law giveth and Bill Gates taketh away. It’s almost enough to make one feel sorry for Windows users. But resist the temptation: they only have themselves to blame.