Nothing to hide?

Lovely exchange in the comments section on Dan Gillmor’s splendid Guardian piece about Cameron’s idea of controlling social networking technology.

@IvyLeague 12 August 2011 2:51PM

“If you’ve got nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear”.

So glad to hear that, now I’d like your full name, address, date of birth, make and model of car you drive, all telephone numbers mobile and landline, name of employer, email address, annual income (gross and net), and of course I’d also like to know what your daily schedule is and what times you estimate being out of the house this weekend. Come on now, if you’ve nothing to hide then you’ve nothing to fear. Please post this information publicly, or are you up to something?

Oh and please post your internet history too, I’d like to check what sites you browse, just to make sure you aren’t fapping to something nasty. By your own statement if you are reluctant to do so then you must be up to something criminal. Or you could admit your over simplistic statement was absurd.