London before the Great Fire

Lovely piece of work by six de Montford University students. I remember the first time I went to Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire started, and stood, trying — and failing — to imagine what the street might have been like.

This is what it’s like now:


The students Joe Dempsey, Dominic Bell, Luc Fontenoy, Daniel Hargreaves, Daniel Peacock and Chelsea Lindsey, used Crytek’s CryEngine and historic maps and engravings from the British Library to recreate 17th Century London in stunning virtual detail.

Tom Harper, panel judge and curator of cartographic materials at the British Library, said:

“Some of these vistas would not look at all out of place as special effects in a Hollywood studio production.

“The haze effect lying over the city is brilliant, and great attention has been given to key features of London Bridge, the wooden structure of Queenshithe on the river, even the glittering window casements.

“I’m really pleased that the Pudding Lane team was able to repurpose some of the maps from the British Library’s amazing map collection – a storehouse of virtual worlds – in such a considered way.”