At last! Someone who is as sceptical about Twitter as I am

Nice post — Is Twitter TOO good? — by Kathy Sierra. In her concluding para of a long and thoughtful post, she writes:

I am not in the target audience for Twitter–I am by nature a loner. I don’t want to be that connected. And I also have a huge appreciation for the art of keeping the mystery alive. I don’t want to know that much about so many people, and I sure don’t want people to know that much about me… mundane or otherwise. So, that puts me in the minority, and my Twitter fears are probably based solely on my own–quirky and less common–personality traits.

Lots more like you, Kathy.

Update… Disturbing news — Kathy has had death threats, and is understandably freaked by them. She pulled out of ETech (where she was due to give a presentation) as a result.