What next for the Web?

nobody really knows, but Richard MacManus has some interesting hypotheses.

In 2009 we’re seeing more products based on open, structured data e.g. Wolfram Alpha. We’re seeing more real-time apps e.g. Twitter, OneRiot. And we’re seeing better filters e.g. FriendFeed (and Facebook, which copies FriendFeed – er, I mean is inspired by).

In a nutshell here are some of the new or noticeable trends that we're seeing on the 2009 Web:

* Open data

* Structured data -> smarter

* Filtering content

* Real-time

* Personalization

* Mobile (location-based, so you could say that's smarter use of data too)

* Internet of Things (the Web in real-world objects)

There’s also an interesting embedded slideshow on the page.