Well, I’ll be Skyped…

My Skype phone arrived today, and it’s a very interesting gadget indeed. It’s got a lovely implementation of Skype and does Skype-to-Skype calls smoothly — and free. Also the Skype IM client works smoothly and efficiently. It’s also a perfectly good ‘ordinary’ phone (and has quite a decent 2MP camera) with Bluetooth and a micro SD card. What with this and the iPhone and the revelations about Google phone plans, the mobile phone business is about to become a LOT more interesting than it has been up to now.

Haven’t read all the small print yet, so haven’t been able to check what happens when you want to make Skype-to-Skype calls in another country. There has to be a downside to this somewhere. But it’s a neat and innovative package just for UK use.

Oh — I almost forgot — it’s also got a nice app which makes it easy to post Facebook status updates. See photograph.