Valuing a ‘brand’

Valuing a ‘brand’

From James Gleick, writing in the NYT:”The word NIKE is thought by analysts to be worth $7 billion; COCA-COLA is valued at 10 times as much.” Hmmm… The latter has just depreciated a bit, at least in the UK.

Gleick’s piece is full of examples of the absurdity of the world we are creating. For example:

“An Atlanta music writer known as BILL WYMAN received a cease-and-desist letter from lawyers representing the former Rolling Stones bass player known as Bill Wyman: demanding, that is, that he ”cease and desist” using his name. In responding, Bill Wyman No. 1 pointed out that Bill Wyman No. 2 had been born William George Perks.

The German car company known as Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG has fought a series of battles to protect the name CARRERA. But another contender is a Swiss village, postal code 7122. ”The village Carrera existed prior to the Porsche trademark,” Christoph Reuss of Switzerland wrote to Porsche’s lawyers. ”Porsche’s use of that name constitutes a misappropriation of the good will and reputation developed by the villagers of Carrera.” He added, for good measure, ”The village emits much less noise and pollution than Porsche Carrera.” He didn’t mention that Josť Carreras, the opera singer, was embroiled in a name dispute of his own. The car company, meanwhile, also claims trademark ownership of the numerals 911.”

Though presumeably not of the string 9/11.