Time Out Pad

Yuck. Google threw up this ad in a Gmail message about the pressures that kids are under nowadays. The blurb reads, in part:

Young children need to learn when their behaviour isn’t acceptable. To do this, many parents use the time-out or naughty step technique, making the child sit quietly (usually on the bottom step of the stairs) for a few minutes to calm down and reflect on their actions.

In practice it’s not always easy. How do you time a time-out, when you’ve got so many things to do? And what happens if the child gets off the naughty step during the time-out? How does the child know when the time-out is finished?

Time Out Pad ensures effective time-outs and encourages better child behaviour.

Key Features

* Simple to use pressure pad with built-in timer, helps parents monitor time-outs
* Adjustable timer from 1-5 minutes
* Visual countdown and audio function
* Includes free ‘Positive Parenting’ guide
* Suitable for children from 2 years upwards

How the Time Out Pad works
Simply set the built-in timer to the desired time-out duration (usually one minute per year of the child’s age) and sit the child on the pressure sensitive pad.

If the child gets up before the end of the programmed time, an alarm sounds to alert the parent or carer, and the countdown will pause until the child sits back down.

Presumably the Premium version gives the kid a mild electric shock if s/he moves.