The RIP Act really begins to bite

The RIP Act really begins to bite
Guardian story.

“The news in the UK this week that surveillance powers are to be handed to a host of government departments and other groups takes the use of data retention – the keeping of detailed information on how and with whom we are communicating – to a level not seen anywhere else in the world.

The new UK proposals would allow bodies ranging from the Home Office and local councils to Consignia and fire authorities to access the records. “

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“A draft order to be debated by MPs next Tuesday reveals that ministers want the list of organisations empowered to demand communications data to be expanded to include seven Whitehall departments, every local authority in the country, NHS bodies in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and 11 other public bodies ranging from the postal services commission to the food standards agency. Until now, the list included only police forces, the intelligence services, customs and excise and the inland revenue. ”