The iPad’s Killer App

Although — as I’ve observed earlier — the iPad has lots of annoyances (mostly connected with the absence of multi-tasking), it has one unimpeachable advantage over every other portable device: a 10-hour battery life. Which explains why I now tend to bring it with me whenever access to a power socket might be problematic. At the Royal Society’s Web Science event last week, for example, it was slightly comical to see several great minds clustering round the few available power sockets in the room, like thirsty lions drawn to a shrinking water-hole, while I was able to go for a long day on an overnight charge.

This explains, btw, why the iPad is so heavy (far too heavy for use as an eReader). Apple’s market research suggested that battery life was one of the features most prized by potential users. So they built the device with a whopping battery. My experience suggests that it was a good decision.

LATER: There were some prim comments on blogs which picked up on this post pointing out that good battery life is “not an App”. The moral: some jokes don’t work. Sigh.