The Conrad Black Appreciation Society

Well, well. Just fancy this

This Web site is dedicated to the support of Conrad Moffat Black in his current battle with grandstanding U.S. prosecutors and a hostile left-wing press. More than that, it is our grateful and long overdue acknowledgement of His Lordship’s life’s struggle to confront, with unflagging courage, the Brobdingnagian forces of Canadian small-mindedness, parochialism, mediocrity and failure…

The cringing tone of this website suggests that it’s a spoof. For example:

From the outset, let us be clear about several matters concerning The Ad Hoc Committee for Conrad Black. First, none of us boasts the pleasure of knowing His Lordship personally, nor are we beholden to him in any manner, financial or otherwise. Several amongst us, however, have had the honour of an introduction to and a fleeting conversation with His Lordship in one social context or another.

No, we are not, strictly speaking, “friends of Conrad Black.” We are simply admirers of the man, beneficiaries in the broadest sense of his commitment to excellence, and–dare we say–fans of his indomitable style. Whatever transpires in the life of His Lordship over the next few months, he shall remain a blazing beacon of hope to those of us on this dull and dreary northern plain…

Nobody could write this sycophantic drivel with a straight face. So I wonder who is the joker behind it? Craig Brown?

Thanks to Pete for spotting it.