Escaping from Adobe’s clutches

Here’s something useful:

PDFescape is a new way to open PDF files. It allows you to open your PDF files right here on the web without downloading or installing any software.

With PDFescape, you can fill in PDF forms, add text and graphics, add links, and even add new form fields to a PDF file. Best of all, it’s Free!

Have just one PDF form to fill out, but don’t want to buy $299 Adobe Acrobat? PDFescape is for you!

Have a PDF form you want customers to fill out and email back to you? PDFescape is for you!

Another useful web service. Thanks to Tony Hirst for the link. Of course, users of Mac OS X don’t really need it, because the operating system does pdf out of the box. But we’re only — what is it? — 5% of the personal computer world!