Streaming to the future

Jason Calcanis says:

I’m going to be starting my own show in the next two weeks called “This Week in Startups” (place holder up at More details on the show shortly… it’s basically going to be our emails in stream video format. :-)

For background: Streaming video is actually working these days and these show get in the low thousands of viewers live–and hundreds of thousands of viewers after their live viewings. We’re actually seeing the beginnings of a real business emerging. We built out Mahalo’s Studio for < $20,000 and it looks as good as Charlie Rose's studio (in fact we based it on his studio). At this point we can run a live show for $50 to $500 an hour depending on the staff setup (i.e. one video switcher no camera operators, or up to three or four folks running the studio). Think about that: running a live television studio reaching thousands of people in 16:9 with almost HD streaming, perfect lighting, professional audio and live video switching... setup for $20,000. Five years ago that would be $250,000 and ten years ago it would have been one million. I'm thinking we're going to let folks use the studio from time-to-time to live stream in exchange for them promoting Mahalo Answers on the air. It's just crazy! The world is changing... quickly.