Steven Levy’s scoop on the Microsoft Palladium project

Steven Levy’s scoop on the Microsoft Palladium project.

Standfirst reads:”An exclusive first look at Microsoft’s ambitious-and risky-plan to remake the personal computer to ensure security, privacy and intellectual property rights. Will you buy it? “

Sounds to me like Gates and Intel want to do Fritz Hollings’ dirty work for him, by pitching security as the upside. Or, as The Register puts it,

“According to Levy, Palladium is a hardware and software combination that will supposedly seal information from attackers, block viruses and worms, eliminate spam, and allow users to control their personal information even after it leaves their computer. It will also implement Digital Rights Management (DRM) for movies and music to allow users to exercise ‘fair use’ rights of such products. Palladium will essentially create a proprietary computing environment where Microsoft is the trusted gatekeeper, guard, watchstander, and ruler of all it surveys, thus turning the majority of computing users into unwilling corporate serfs and subjects of the Redmond Regime. ”