Quote of the day

Hanks seems constantly perturbed, behaving as if Forrest Gump had been cast as Sherlock Holmes.

Philip French, magisterially reviewing the Da Vinci Code movie. It’s a lovely piece, marred only by the use of “millenniums” as the plural of millennium. (Tut, tut.) Also contains a useful summary of the plot:

After working out the clues with the speed of a stockbroker doing the Telegraph crossword on the 8.15 from Tunbridge Wells, they go on the run together. Over the next two days, they brief each other on matters of cryptology, the Holy Grail, the birth of Christianity, Opus Dei and the Priory of Sion, while escaping from the British and French cops and various would-be assassins with the ease and ingenuity of Harry Houdini. The cryptographers are constantly creeping into crypts, talking crap and copping out as clues lead to bizarre discoveries and encounters in churches in France, Scotland and England, including Westminster Abbey.