AdSense nonsense

Just noticed (Sunday 21 May, 10:30am) that Google has started placing occasional Flash ads on this page, rather than the text ads I signed up for when I embarked on the experiment. That’s naughty, because I detest Flash ads, and I wouldn’t knowingly inflict them on my readers.

The whole experiment has been instructive. First of all, it’s clear that the contents of this Blog poses real difficulty for the Google AdSense system, because it has always struggled to find ads that are even vaguely relevant to the content. Every time I wrote about the iniquities of the copyright thugs, for example, or my support for Open Source, the system would place ads for law firms offering to “help protect your intellectual property”!

And as for my ‘earnings’, that’s been interesting too. As of today, my total take (which I haven’t claimed yet) is $24.59!

Clearly, I’m not cut out for business.