Prius Racing Team gets new talent

From Good Morning Silicon Valley

Just yesterday we pointed to an old video of Steve Wozniak pitching a Datsun 280Z, and now we learn that time has done nothing to slow down Apple’s co-founder, no matter what he’s driving. Woz confirmed that back in March, he’d been pulled over by the CHP on Interstate 5 for speeding … at 104 mph … in a Prius. Yes, right on the bumper of the Al Gore III endorsement of the hybrid’s surprising oomph comes the Woz seal of approval (bolstered by the fact that he’s owned eight of them). And he confessed, this wasn’t the first time he’d pushed the hybrid above the century mark, recalling a Thanksgiving trip to Burbank. “Highway 5 was empty that night and I made good time and was surprised to discover that the Prius was very stable, even with major gusting winds,” Wozniak told the Merc’s Gary Richards. “Being used to a Hummer I expected the opposite.” Yes, apparently Woz has his own carbon offset plan going.

Clever fellow that he is, Woz offered the judge a suitably geeky excuse. “I pleaded guilty, with an explanation,” he said. “I said that I was really scientific, and in the last year had been in Athens, Moscow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich (twice), Zurich, Canada (three times), Columbia, Singapore, Japan, London, etc., and had gotten used to kilometer speeds.” Good try, but no joy; the fine was about $700. Woz says he’s reformed, and happy about it. “I’m not a fast person or a fast driver,” he said. “When it comes to personality types A and B, I’m a C. That’s the type that doesn’t know what the letters stand for and doesn’t care. I’m very laid-back and patient and don’t mind going slowly at all. So this ticket was a good thing for me, actually.”

Er, the aforementioned “old video” is this:

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