MP3 as a liberator

Interesting (and perceptive) CNET post on the impact of MP3.

MP3 made it possible to put ALL of your music in one place and thus made it easier to access. You no longer need to dig through tens, hundreds or even thousands of CDs, tapes or records to listen to that one tune that decided to run through your head at any given moment. Just find it in the jukebox player of your choice and let the music play! You’re also spared the expense of CD jukebox players that, even in the 100 disc capacities, you’d still need to change out discs to hear all of your collection. Now you just click shuffle and play and you’re good to go.Finally, and most obviously, you can bring that huge collection of tunes with you wherever you go via an MP3 player. Again, no digging through and changing out CDs or tapes, just whatever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want. Liberation in the truest sense of the word!