Mighty Mouse

The news that Steve Jobs is to join the Board of Walt Disney (as a result of selling his company, Pixar, to them) prompted the following exchange on Slashdot:

Does this mean that Mickey Mouse will now only have 1 button?

Yes, but when they release the new Minnie Mouse her button will provide 4-way scrolling action.

Apologies: geeky joke. Explanation: Apple’s fanatical commitment to a one-button mouse was one of the longest-running annoyances in the business and was widely attributed to Steve Jobs’s intransigence. (He has Strong Views on interface matters.) But he must have changed his mind because Apple recently released a fancy multi-function mouse called Mighty Mouse. It’s terrific, IMHO, especially if you suffer from arthritis.

Thanks to Dave Hill for spotting the Slashdot thread.