Microsoft forsakes desktop for tabletop

From the Daily Telegraph

Microsoft has unveiled a coffee table-shaped ‘surface computer’ that responds to touch and is expected to generate a multi-billion dollar market.

Surface is a 30-inch computer display that is embedded on the table surface. It does not need a mouse to operate it, and unlike traditional touch-screens, can recognise more than one finger at a time, allowing small groups to gather around the table and use it at the same time. It also recognises objects that are placed on its surface.

For example, if you are out at a restaurant with friends and you each place your drink on the table, a range of information will appear by your glass, such as menu recommendations to go with your wine, and pictures of the vineyard it came from. You can order your next course with the touch of your finger and even split the bill.

Wonder what’d happen if you spilt Java Beans on it? Also, what do you do when your table crashes?