iFever spreads online

Ho, ho! The Daily Torygraph reports that…

Apple’s frenzied US launch of the long-awaited iPhone has spread to the internet, where fans are now willing to pay up to four times the retail price.

The iPhone was rolled out across America amidst huge hype on Friday evening, and the devices are now commanding up to $2,000 on eBay.

Americans began queuing for the latest gadget, which combines a mobile phone, music player and web browser in one, up to five days before its launch.

Although Apple has declined to comment on the number of iPhones it sold over the weekend, analysts have estimated that up to 200,000 were sold in the first day…

Hmmm… I just looked on eBay.com and the first iPhone I found was an 8GB model which went for $730 plus $15 for shipping. That doesn’t seem too much of a mark-up for an allegedly ‘frenzied’ market.