Evening on the Gorge

HDR Panorama, originally uploaded by jjn1.

Yesterday evening, we drove round the Northern side of the Gorge de Verdon — which over-enthusiastic guidebooks sometimes call “Europe’s answer to the Grand Canyon”. It’s not that, but it is still magnificent, awe-inspiring and ravishingly beautiful in places. About half-way through, we stopped for a break and thought of taking some panoramic shots. But by that stage we were heading for dusk, with distant peaks catching the rays of the setting sun and the foreground in shadow. I tried some conventional pics, with the usual problems. So switched on the HDR App on my iPhone, with this result. It leads me to wonder why proper digital cameras don’t now have in-camera HDR built in. The answer, probably, is that they don’t have processors that can handle it. Whereas the iPhone is really a general-purpose Unix box which can turn its hand to anything (er, provided Apple approves, of course).

Another HDR shot from further on in the drive, looking back on where we’d come from.