Digital-to-analogue, 2010

Hmmm… Just when I’ve been experimenting with escaping from the tyranny of ‘perfect’ digital imagery, I find that one of my sons has been heading off in the same direction. Except that he’s been doing it the hard way. “As a counter-balance to the increasingly digitised world of photography”, he writes, “I have decided to explore the analogue printing methods of yesteryear. Specifically I am focusing on screen printing, a process that was famously popularised by Andy Warhol.”

In true Warhol spirit, his first experiments have focussed on a quintessential British brand — Marmite! What’s nice about them is that no two prints are the same, which in a way is like an implicit definition of analogue media. A gallery of images of the resulting work can be found here, and a downloadable flyer [pdf] here.

Now, where did I put that tomato ketchup?

Later: You think I jest about Marmite being quintessentially British? An English journalist friend lived and worked in New York for a couple of years and he swore that the thing he missed most in all that time was… Marmite.