I hate using flash but sometimes it’s the only way of getting pictures. Like most DSLRs, my Nikon D70 has a pop-up flash and it produces the kind of horrible washed-out images one comes to expect from such lighting. The solution (I naively thought) was obvious: put my trusty Nikon Speedlight atop the D70 and use it in bounce mode. And then I discover that the fiends in Nikon have arranged things so that my analog flashgun won’t work with their digital cameras. Worse: a digital-compatible Speedlight costs an arm and a leg, or at any rate £224.35 inc. VAT.

Enter the LumiQuest Softscreen — a cheap gizmo made in China.

It fits on the top of the camera like this:

and gives quite reasonable results.

It’s not pretty, but what do you expect for less than £10? I got if from Warehouse Express.