Depravity on, er, eBay

From the You-couldn’t-make-it-up Department (via The Register)…

The Belfast Telegraph and Sinn Fein are leading a campaign to KO eBay auctions of DVD bare-knuckle gypsy-on-gypsy fight action. The newspaper has already provoked to pull two auctions for such material, although there is plenty of raw footage still available to eager punters.

The blurb for one of these sensitive productions reads

This is Real Bare Knuckle Gypsy Fights on DVD! Over two hours of Gypsys punching the hell out of each other and shouting stuff that you wont be able to understand! Filmed in England, Ireland and Scotland in country lanes, warehouses and front gardens! This is real footage all caught on camcorder, so dont expect hollywood quality. Just like the film Snatch, only this is for real!

A 100% Genuine Gypsy production comes on a disc like the one pictured below. No sleave [sic], bare disc of Bare Knuckle Fights!

The other interesting snippet from The Register report is the news that Sinn Fein has a “spokesperson on human rights”. Whatever next.