Copyright thuggery: the next move?

Woner how reliable this report is…

A TOP-SECRET DEAL being ironed out by G8 nations will give the Music and film industry a state-paid force of copyright cops with the same powers of customs officials.

The copyright police can seize your mp3 player or laptop to see if it contains pirated content and can order ISPs to turn over personal data without the need for proof.

G8 members, at the request of those wonderful examples of humanity at the RIAA, are agreeing to turn tax-payer paid customs officers into boot boys for the record and music business.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), will be discussed at the next G8 meeting in Tokyo, in July.

The Ottawa Citizen claims that the moves are part of a package of laws to govern private copying and copyright laws.

When you arrive in the country the copyright police would be given the job of checking laptops, Ipods, phones and other personal devices for content that ‘infringes’ copyright laws.

If you have any ripped CDs or DVDs you could be in deep in poo as the customs officials can define on the spot what they think constitutes copyright infringement.