Cisco flips

From today’s NYTimes.

Now, however, Cisco seems to have found its way with the Flip. A couple of weeks ago, the company began putting out 10-second television commercials and Web clips that show snippets from the lives of both celebrities and “regular people.” The spots for Flip include a nod at the end to Cisco, when the company logo appears.

“We get unsolicited e-mails from people all over the country telling us how excited they were to capture some moment,” said Jodi Lipe, the Cisco executive who spearheaded the campaign. “We wanted to capture that authenticity in our television campaign.”

Some of the ads appear to document the banal. For example, there is one of a man picking at his bacon and eggs with a fork, and another of someone brushing his teeth. The obligatory parental video of baby with food dangling from her mouth? It’s there.

But, look more closely, and you’ll find that the authenticity of Cisco’s campaign comes with some caveats. The man brushing his teeth is the singer Lenny Kravitz. One of the most popular clips — four guys singing an ode to hamburgers in their car — turns out to be the creation of budding marketers from Hollywood.