IBM will snub Vista

From The Inquirer

BIGGISH BLUE donned a Red Hat and said that it will not install Microsoft Vista into any of its corporate desktops and will continue its roll-out of Linux instead.

Speaking at a Linux Forum, IBM’s Open source and Linux technical sales bigwig Andreas Pleschek said that IBM has cancelled its contract with Microsoft as of October this year.

This means that Vista will not appear on any Big Blue desktops. Instead, from July IBM employees will begin using IBM Workplace on its brand spanking new, Red Hat-based platform.

Some users will remain on their old XP machines for a while, but none will be upgraded to Vista, said Pleschek.

Not clear if this is an IBM Germany decision on one that applies worldwide.

Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth came to see us at Ndiyo yesterday. He was like a breath of fresh air — smart, informed, insightful and (unusual in very rich people) a very good listener. He gave a terrific lecture the previous evening at the Judge Institute. We were keen to talk to him about some of the stuff funded by his Foundation — including the Ubuntu Linux distribution we’re using for Ndiyo, and the amazing tuxLab project. I came away with several good ideas arising from our conversation. And we never even got around to discussing his third career as an astronaut! The photograph shows him talking to Quentin (on the right) over an Ndiyo ‘Internet cafe in a box’ we had set up in the Ndiyo house as a demo.