Aperture and the Nikon D700

Aperture — Apple’s digital image management software — displays a strange glitch when one’s trying to upload photographs from a Nikon D700. So long as the images are jpegs, there’s no problem. But if you’ve been shooting RAW then Aperture can’t see the images on the camera — and therefore won’t upload them. (Interestingly, iPhoto can see them.)

Initially I thought that this was because I needed to install some extra plug-ins, but as far as I can see I’m up to date with everything. After Googling the problem it became clear that it’s a problem with Aperture not seeing the camera as a mass storage device. But if you take the CF card out of the camera and insert it into a USB card reader, then the program can see the RAW images and you’re home and dried.

LATER: Richard Earney writes:

Grabbing images off the camera directly can be a cause of data corruption, due to differences in the way the concept of mass storage devices are treated by various OSs and whether the USB ports have the right power.

So Adobe, for instance, strongly recommend using a card reader!