10 Digital Music predictions for 2011

Interesting post by Luke Lewis.

Here are the ones that struck me:

  • Streaming will stop looking like the futureā€¦
  • Which means piracy will flourish
  • Bands will stop using Myspace
  • Gig-going will become more social
  • Downloads will get cheaper
  • Worth reading in full. The most controversial one is his conclusion that the Spotify business model isn’t sustainable. I’m not convinced.

    Thanks to Caspar for the link.

    LATER: Interesting email from a reader re my comment about Spotify:

    Maybe Spotify and streaming is not the future. I’ve been a paid subscriber to Spotify for over a year and have just discovered that half of my playlists and downloaded tracks have been removed owing to ECM pulling out (Naxos are rumoured to be next to go). Ironic as well over a third of my CD and LP collection is ECM and the last three CDs I have bought (within the last three months) are all ECM.