Why TV Networks Should Support Net Neutrality

Nice tongue-in-cheek post by Mark Cuban.

If you run a TV network, broadcast or cable, you should be spending a lot of money to support Net Neutrality. You should have every lobbyist you own getting on the Net Neutrality train. Why ? Because in a net neutrality environment no bits get priority over any other bits. All bits are equal. In such an environment, all bits content with each other to ride the net.

When that happens, bits collide. When bits collide they slow down. Sometimes they dont reach their destination and need to be retransmitted. Often they dont make it at all.

When video bits dont arrive to their destination in a timely manner, internet video consumers get an experience that is worse than what traditional tv distribution options .

That is good for traditional TV.

He’s right. But will they be smart enough to get it?