Why Dave Winer switched to Mac in 2005

Salutary blog post by Dave W.

I switched because I was Mired In Malware.

I got a new EeePC 1000HE last week, and after just a few hours of use, it’s infected with a rootkit virus of some kind. Really clever. Spent three hours last night trying to eradicate it, but in the last three or four years, the malware guys have gotten a lot more clever.

Contemplating switching to the Hackintosh flavor of netbook.

Ran Ad-Aware, getting ready to run Spybot. Downloaded Combofix. I’m going to try to resurrect this baby. Also considering doing a fresh install of Windows but that sounds like more work that Leopard. And then you’re still using Windows.

Yep. I switched to Mac in 1999. Never had any trouble since. Touch wood.

JUST IN: This via Glyn Moody:

Appointments for cancer patients had to be rescheduled after a computer virus infected the networking systems at two Scottish hospitals last week.

The infection of laboratory PCs at the Stobhill and Gartnavel General hospitals meant the bookings of 12 patients attending the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Care Centre in Glasgow were postponed, The Glasgow Herald reports. Systems were taken offline for two days to allow computer technicians to clean up the mess…

Now, I wonder which OS they were running.