Wednesday 22 March, 2023

Spring is sprung

Blackthorn blossom seen on a walk the other day.

Quote of the Day

”Never negotiate with anybody who lacks the power to say Yes.”

  • Richard Thaler

Musical alternative to the morning’s radio news

Regina Spektor | Fidelity


Long Read of the Day

Waiting for Brando

Entrancing essay by Edward Jay Epstein in Lapham’s Quarterly about filming the Iliad. I’m still laughing a day after reading it. Hope it has the same effect on you.

Thanks to The Browser for spotting it.

So now we know why Microsoft invested $10B in OpenAI

Here’s the explanation. It’s called Copilot.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is integrated into the apps you already use every day, freeing you to focus on the most important work and less on the busy work. Working alongside you, Microsoft 365 Copilot helps you to unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and uplevel skills.

Given that I almost never use Microsoft stuff, will it be enough to tempt me back? After all, I feel no need to “unleash creativity, unlock productivity” or even to “uplevel” what few skills I possess. I can write plain English, though, which is something Microsoft’s AI-boosted copywriters have yet to master.

My commonplace booklet

It is, indeed.

From the current issue of Private Eye. (Which God Preserve)

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