Google does Viacom’s bidding?

Hmmm… The NYT is reporting that:

In a sign of the growing tension between old-line media and the new Internet behemoths, Viacom, the parent company of MTV and Comedy Central, demanded yesterday that YouTube, the video-sharing Web site owned by Google, remove more than 100,000 clips of its programming.

Viacom, along with other major media companies, including the News Corporation and NBC Universal, has become increasingly frustrated with YouTube as it has amassed a vast library of copyrighted clips, placed on the site by its users.

While such companies regularly ask YouTube to remove their material, Viacom’s demand, which it disclosed in a statement circulated by e-mail, was the most militant and public move of its kind so far.

As it has with the similar request from other companies, Google removed the Viacom clips from the YouTube site yesterday…

So no more clips from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show then? Er, apparently not. For example, a few days ago I blogged Bill Gates’s appearance on the show. I’ve just checked (on Saturday 3 February, 09:55) — and it’s still on YouTube! Maybe Google isn’t quite as efficient as we think.