Twitter Spewage

Dave Winer has had an interesting idea. He wrote a script to work out how much work the Twitterers he follows makes for Twitter’s servers. Results here.

First a big disclaimer — this means nothing. In so many ways. To be on the list I had to have followed you some time in the last few months. If I haven’t followed you, you can’t be on the list. So don’t think of being on the list as some kind of honor.

So what are the numbers? Okay from left to right, the number of people folllowing the person, then the number of updates, and finally the first multiplied by the second, giving a very very rough indication of the amount of noise (or spew) this person is generating on Twitter. Of course Scoble is at the top of the list. I’ll let you figure out what that means. I chuckled when I saw Guy Kawasaki coming in at #4 — I guess his semi-spam pays off (if this means anything, which it doesn’t — see the disclaimer).

Scoble’s spewage quotient is 308,359,436.