Twitter spam

Recently my email inbox has been filling up with messages from Twitter saying the “xxx has requested to follow you on Twitter”. This was mysterious because (a) in most cases I didn’t know the people allegedly making these requests; and (b) my Twitter updates are ‘protected’ — i.e. visible only to those I’m allowing to follow me. The solution to puzzle (a) is that most of these ‘requests’ are from people who hope I will visit their websites in order to check on their identities — so the requests are, in a way, a form of spam. (And, as such, doomed to fail.) I’m still slightly puzzled by (b). I guess people discover I’m on Twitter by finding me on someone else’s followed/following list. So the trick is to pick a Twitter ‘hub’ like Stephen Fry or Rory Cellan-Jones and then ransack his list for spam targets.