Links for 12.08.2016

Warren Buffett is not a model for America’s economy. Thoughtful Economist critique of an American folk hero. “He is far from a model for how capitalism should be transformed. He is a careful, largely ethical accumulator of capital invested in traditional businesses, preferably with oligopolistic qualities, whereas what America needs right now is more risk-taking, lower prices, higher investment and much more competition. You won’t find much at all about these ideas in Mr Buffett’s shareholder letters.”

“I’m deleting Snapchat, and you should too”. Why? Lack of ethnic diversity in its team leads to gaffes like a new filter which implements a racist stereotype of oriental people.

Barack Obama’s Summer playlist

London bookshops strike a blow for freedom: no Wi-Fi. Good idea.

“How to Hack and Election in 7 Minutes”. No – not another Trump conspiracy theory but a great Politico piece about how vulnerable to hacking America’s voting machines continue to be.