Tiger: nine down; not clear how many left to play

The number of dames claiming to have discussed Ugandan affairs with Tiger Woods grows daily and now stands at nine, at least according to ABC News.

I suppose it shows how naive I am, but I’m genuinely astonished by this unfolding story. I’m fascinated by golf but never really warmed to Woods. He always seemed so, well, boring and controlled: a golfing automaton. He’s the last man in the world I’d have suspected of hanging out with porn stars and night-club hostesses.

Francis Bacon had a nice aphorism for Tiger’s current plight: “He doth like the ape, that the higher he climbed the more he showed his arse.”

It’d be interesting to be a fly on the wall at the moment in the ad agency that handles the Accenture account. They made such a big deal of Tiger’s invincible, calm, rational image

LATER: This from the Irish Times:

Companies whose endorsements have helped make Woods perhaps the world’s richest athlete, with a fortune estimated at $1 billion, have said they are standing by him.

Oh yeah?