Thursday 1 September, 2022

First Autumn visitor

We came down to breakfast to find he had attached himself to our front door. The only thing to do, I thought, was to put a 28mm Summilux into macro mode and take his portrait. Clearly, he was not impressed.

Quote of the Day

“The human species is, to some extent, the result of mistakes which arrested our development and prevented us from assuming the somewhat unglamorous form of our primitive ancestors.”

  • Jonathan Miller

Musical alternative to the morning’s radio news

Randy Newman | Political Science


Long Read of the Day

Cultivating serendipity

Lovely essay by Rob Miller asking if it’s possible to organise your life in a way that maximises the chances of happy accidents? His answer: yes. Mine too. In a way this blog is designed to improve the chances that readers will find (and enjoy) things that I have stumbled upon!

Running out of gas

Around 80% of UK homes are heated by gas. Here’s a useful summary by Rob Hastings of what the emergency plans are if the worst happens.

My commonplace booklet

(via Adam Tooze)

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