The yucky corporate profile

A typical, old-media, news-free, adulatory piece about Microsoft — in this case a profile by Steve Lohr of Eric Rudder, who is supposedly a “rising star” in Redmond. Here’s the opener:

The path to the top at Microsoft is not for the timid. Anyone hoping to make the ascent must be able to match wits with two of the most formidable and combative intellects in corporate America: Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder, and Steven A. Ballmer, its chief executive.

Eric Rudder, a senior vice president, demonstrated that skill not long after he arrived at Microsoft. In 1992, Mr. Rudder, then 25, had a confrontation with Mr. Gates, recalled Brad Silverberg, a former senior Microsoft executive. The dispute centered on some now-forgotten technical matter in the Windows desktop operating system.

“Bill, you’re absolutely, totally wrong,” Mr. Rudder said, according to Mr. Silverberg. “And here’s why.”

After hearing him out, Mr. Silverberg said, Mr. Gates conceded the point, saying: “You know what? I guess you’re right.”

See what I mean? This is lazy, uncritical journalism. Pass the sickbag, Alice.