The Steve Jobs Show

We’ve just been watching Steve Jobs’s launch of the Apple iPhone and thinking “what is it with this guy?” when up pops Good Morning Silicon Valley with this joke:

So, Bill Gates dies, and ascends to heaven. He meets up with Saint Peter at the gates and says “Hey, it’s Bill, I’m just going to go on in.” And Saint Peter says, “Sorry Bill, everyone is equal in God’s eyes. You need to stand in line like everyone else.”

Grudgingly, Gates walks to the end of the enormous line of folks awaiting entrance. As he’s waiting, an iPod-white limo passes him and rolls up to heaven’s gate’s. The door opens and out steps Steve Jobs. Saint Peter greets him and, after a few brief words, welcomes him into heaven.

Gates is furious. He storms up to the front of the line and confronts Saint Peter: “Hey! I thought you said everyone was equal here! But, I just saw Steve Jobs cut to the front of the line and you let him in without a second thought.

And Saint Peter laughs and replies, “Oh no, that wasn’t Steve Jobs. That was God; he only thinks he’s Steve Jobs.”