The new iPod…

The new iPod…

… does indeed — as the rumours predicted — handle images as well as music.

Quote from NYT story:

“SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 26 – Apple Computer introduced on Tuesday its next generation iPod music player, which has the ability to display digital images as well as play songs.

The new iPod Photo, priced at $499 and $599, will be able to store up to 25,000 wallet-size digital images and display them on a television via a cable. It comes with 40-gigabyte or 60-gigabyte disk storage, capable of storing up to 15,000 songs.”

Footnote: At today’s exchange rate, (USD) 499 translates into (GBP) 272. So guess how much the 40GB model costs at the UK Apple store? Why (GBP) 359. What a racket.