The madness of Digital Restrictions Management

Truly, you could not make this up. Jay Rosen is one of the smartest and wisest commentators on the media in the online world. This tweet from him just popped up in my stream. All he wants to do is to get hold of his own stuff. Just another reason to be wary of the Google Books Project. It has lots of things going for it, of course: but one big downside: it will give one company a stranglehold on access to our literary heritage.

I’m reminded of Larry Lessig’s story of arriving in his office in Stanford one morning to find the campus police already installed in it. He was told that they had disconnected his computer from the university network because it was running peer-to-peer software. “Exactly!” they chorused — and then looked bemused as he explained that the stuff he shared using the software was all stuff he’d written himself.