The literary merry-go-round

I’m reading Elizabeth Bowen’s letters (scrupulously edited by Victoria Glendinning) and came on this passage from a letter dated 30th September 1959:

“I’m quite sorry to be going back to London tomorrow. Next weekend, that is, Saturday, I’m going to stay the weekend with Cyril Connolly… I must discover whom he’s living with now, before I get there. — I don’t know whether he’s again settled down with Barbara since George Weidenfeld traded her back to him.”

At this stage there’s a footnote. It reads:

“Barbara Skelton married Cyril Connolly in 1950. He divorced her in 1956 citing the publisher George Weidenfeld as co-respondent. She married Weidenfeld in 1956, and he divorced her in 1961 citing Cyril Connolly as co-respondent.”

This is the same Cyril Connolly who famously observed (in Enemies of Promise) that “there is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall.”