The Higher Ed market: real disruption moves a step closer

Fascinating times. For years I’ve been arguing that the Higher Ed market looked increasingly like one that was ripe for disruption. This development brings real disruption a step closer, because it offers a way of linking MOOCs with accreditation. And it’s interesting that Pearson is the company involved. I always thought it would be the prime contender.

Students taking online courses from prestigious US universities will be able to take final exams in a global network of invigilated test centres.

Online universities have been claimed as a “revolution” for higher education and this will be seen as a significant step forward.

Education company Pearson will provide test centres for the edX online courses provided by Harvard and MIT.

This will give online courses “real world” value, says the edX president.

As well as providing supervised exam centres they will also authenticate the identity of online learners.

It will also see formidable partnership between some of the world’s most most famous universities and the world’s biggest education firm, Pearson.