The hate-industrial complex

Perceptive essay by Umair Haque about what has replaced the military-industrial complex. Sample:

The hate industrial complex is made of four elements. The first is companies. The second is personalities — luminaries, celebrities, all of a certain bent. The third is ideologies. The fourth is a certain kind of attitude, a rhetorics. Let me illuminate each one in turn — so that we know what we are fighting.

Sensible people these days abjure Fox News. But the truth is that YouTube and Facebook and Twitter are much, much worse. As far as radicalizing people goes, Fox News basically tells your racist grandpa he’s right. It’s YouTube and Facebook (and Twitter and Reddit and so on) which turn lonely teenage losers into vengeful supremacist shooters. Which show no interest whatsoever in being decent members of a civilized society. So what reason do we have to let them go on being part of one?

In summary: How YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have become the New Fox News (But Worse)