The fame game

Heather McCartney has released a YouTube video detailing how her live has been made a living hell by media intrusion. Mariella Frostrup is not very sympathetic.

Last weekend, while the rest of the film world was occupied at the Baftas ceremony and Heather Mills McCartney was doubtless debating which court costume would best suit her, I was visited at home by a friend who’s also one of this year’s Oscar nominees.

Despite the purported dangers of the paparazzi, she took the tube, without even a pair of Prada sunglasses for protection and, after lunch and a quick briefing on the joys of the Oyster card, returned by the same mode of transport to her West End hotel. Then again, you’re more likely to find a celebrity snapper on the tail of your limo than poised at the entrance to Covent Garden station. It’s proof for those who need convincing that if you don’t turn your life into a circus, you won’t draw a crowd.

Right on! (As we ageing hippies say.)