The cluelessness of Andy Burnham

Nice reproof by Charles Arthur of the Culture Secretary’s potty proposals for ‘regulating’ web content.

The cluelessness of so many of these ideas hasn't been lost on all ministers, however. Tom Watson, of the Cabinet Office, is inviting views about Burnham's comments on his personal blog. As he points out,

Internet regulation is not in my policy area but I promise you I will forward your views to Andy Burnham and Lord Carter.

One would have to say that the comments aren't really running in Burnham's favour so far, but possibly the Daily Mail's commenters haven't been alerted about the blogpost's existence. Except even they don't think it's workable.

I think, Mr Burnham, that if even the Daily Mail's commenters don't think it's worth trying to do, then it's not worth trying to do.

(We should point out, by the way, that Watson emphatically does get the net. Perhaps Andy Burnham should drop by for a quick briefing.)