That whirring noise…

… is of Abraham Lincoln rotating in his grave. This from Good Morning Silicon Valley.

Congress may have steaming heaps of crises spilling off the edge of its plate, but that doesn’t mean no one is paying attention to the issues somewhat farther down the priority list. One of those is the way ubiquitous and unobtrusive camera phones help perverts pursue their peeping in dressing rooms and public places with less chance of detection. Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., has found time not only to think about this one, but to come up with an answer: follow Japan’s lead and require camera phones to make a retro shutter-click or comparable noise. His Camera Phone Predator Alert Act would mandate that “any mobile phone containing a digital camera that is manufactured for sale in the United States shall sound a tone or other sound audible within a reasonable radius of the phone whenever a photograph is taken with the camera in such phone. A mobile phone manufactured after such date shall not be equipped with a means of disabling or silencing such tone or sound.”

Nice to find a legislator with a proper sense of priorities.